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escort radar detector
Escort Passport SR7
Remote Radar Detector

Remote Radar & laser Detector.

Escort Passport SR7
Escort SR7

(Retail Price $999.99)
You pay only $799.00 Escort Passport SR7 Remote Radar Detector

So you want the best of the best when it comes to radar and laser protection? Well look no further than the Escort Passport SR7. The newest innovation from Escort, the SR7 is the height of customizable radar technology in a discrete package.

Escort Passport SR7
Escort SR7 Installed

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The design of the SR7 is truly comprehensive. Hate annoying false alarms? The SR7's exclusive AutoSensitivity mode intelligently perceives and ignores false alarms created by garage door openers and security motion sensors. In addition, the SR7 has four other sensitivity modes for accurate and pertinent detection. Want a customized display? Take your pick between the standard bar graph, exclusive ExpertMeter, and Escort's new SpecDisplay. Basically, the Passport SR7 is completely customizable to your driving preference with such features as Power-On Indication, Power-On Sequence, Meter Type, AutoMute, Brightness Level (including full Dark Mode), Audio Tones, City Mode Sensitivity, Safety Warning System (SWS) Alerts, and Radar Bands (On/Off). Additionally, you can tuck your SR7 out of sight under your dash (just attach it to a in-dash LED display) or increase your audio with an additional speaker. The SR7 is also compatible with the Laser Shifter ZR3, which is sold separately.

So what sets this detector apart? Well, besides its impressive detection ability ("Sensitivity was the best we've witnessed for a remote detector" according to Radartest.com), the SR7 is able to meet your specific and unique needs with a multitude of configuration options and features. The Passport SR7 is custom-installed, discreet, and option-laden.

Please note that a professional must install the SR7 and installation is not available through RadarSource.com. It is your responsibility to find a professional installer when you purchase this product.

Operating Bands X-band K Band Ka Band Laser Safety

Operating Bands
• X-band 10.525 GHz ± 25 MHz
• K-band 24.150 GHz ± 100 MHz
• Ka-band 34.700 GHz ± 1300 MHz
• Laser 904nm, 33 MHz Bandwidth
• Safety Warning System™
• SafetyPilot™

Features and Specs

• Long-Range 360° detection
• Frequency Upgradable: microprocessor can be reprogrammed to combat future radar and laser technology
• 4-bit A/D converter for improved radar detection range
• 5 sensor long-range laser detection
• VG2 Rejection System
• Auto-Sensitivity™, Highway, and City Modes
• Detects all Safety Radar Signals
• Separate and distinguishable audible alerts for radar, laser, and safety
• Optional ExpertMeter™ simulatalniously tracks and displays up to 8 radar signals
• EZ-Programming allows user to select and program up to 10 features with the touch of a button
• Dimensions: 1.25" H x 2.85" W x 5.32" L
• Weight:
• Designed and made in the USA
• One Year Manufacturer's Warranty

Included with the Passport 8500

• Comprehensive owner's manual
• Quick-release windshield mount with extra suction cups
• Built-in earphone jack
• Coiled SmartCord with built-in alert lamp, pilot light and convenient mute button
• Quick reference card
• Protective travel case

Shipping available to the following states: AL Alabama AK Alaska AS American Samoa AZ Arizona AR Arkansas CA CZ Canal Zone CO Colorado CT Connecticut DE Delaware DC District of Columbia FL Florida GA Georgia GU Guam HI Hawaii ID Idaho IL Illinois IN Indiana IA Iowa KS Kansas KY Kentucky LA Louisiana ME Maine MP Mariana Islands MD Maryland MA Massachusetts MI Michigan MN Minnesota MS Mississippi MO Missouri MT Montana NE Nebraska NV Nevada NH New Hampshire NJ New Jersey NM New Mexico NY New York NYC New York City NC North Carolina ND North Dakota OH Ohio OK Oklahoma OR Oregon PA Pennsylvania PR Puerto Rico RI Rhode Island SC South Carolina SD South Dakota TN Tennessee TX Texas UT Utah VT Vermont VI Virgin Islands VA Virginia WA Washington WV West Virginia WI Wisconsin WY Wyoming AP APO AE APO AA APO UK CD DE, CA CANADA, IL Israel, SA Germany, England UK, CANADA, IL Israel, New Zeland, Spain, Iceland, Brazil, Australia, Mexico, PL Poland, Singapore, Turkey Greece, North America, South America, Belgium, CL Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Denmark, Ethiopia, French, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong, Irelan, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, NZ New Zealand, Norway, Panama, Peru, PR Puerto Rico, Swaziland, Sweden, Uruguay , Venezuela, British Virgin Island, SA South Africa and more, pleae call if needed.

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