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Whistler Cruisader Motorcycle radar detectorWhistler Cruisader
Whistler Cruisader Motorcycle radar detector

Professional Installation Required.

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The Whistler Cruisader is a complete and comprehensive laser/radar solution for motorcycles and other recreational type vehicles. The Cruisader allows discrete laser/radar protection with many installation options. Not only does this unit provide a stealthy installation but also delivers very powerful protection from the newest laser/radar guns, especially POP Mode detection.

Whistler Cruisader Motorcycle radar detector


Power On And Self-Test: Escort SR7Each time the detector is turned on, an automatic self-test sequence confirms that the audio (if equipped with optional Voice Module) and visual displays are functional.

Display: The LCD shows the detected signals as well as battery voltage, air temperature, Aux out selection (LED, Tone or Voice Module) and volume level selected.

Memory: All features selected, except Stay Alert and Quiet Mode, are retained in memory.

Audio Level Adjustment: If the optional Voice Module is connected, the audio levels can be adjusted high to low, or low to high, in eight steps.

Auto Quiet Mode: If the optional Voice Module is connected, Auto Quiet reduces the selected audio level to level (1) approximately 5 seconds after a radar or safety radar signal is detected. The alert for any new signal within 20 seconds will resume at level (1). Auto Quiet does not affect VG-2 or laser alerts.

Quiet Mode: If the optional Voice Module is connected, Quiet Mode cancels the audio during an alert and any new alert within 20 seconds. After 20 seconds, approximately 2 beeps are provided on any new alert and the unit then remains quiet.

Backlight Settings: You can choose from the following backlight settings:

  • Off-Off: backlight is off during normal operation and off when the unit sounds the alarm
  • Off-Dim: backlight is off during normal operation and dim when the unit sounds the alarm
  • Off-Brt: backlight is off during normal operation and bright when the unit sounds the alarm
  • Dim-Off: backlight is dim during normal operation and off when the unit sounds the alarm
  • Dim-Brt: backlight is dim during normal operation and bright when the unit sounds the alarm
  • City/City 1/City 2 Mode: Whistler's Three Stage City Mode is designed to reduce the annoyance of automatic door openers, intrusion alarms and other devices that share frequencies with police radar. In City Mode, weak speed/safety radar signals give an initial alarm of two beeps (if equipped with optional Voice Module), and then remains quiet unless the signal becomes very strong. In City 1 Mode, only the X band sensitivity is lowered. In City 2 Mode, X-band is not detected.

Speed Radar Audio/Visual Alerts: When X, K or Ka is detected, the band ID and signal strength is displayed. If the optional Voice Module is connected, the audio alert is continuous and has a Geiger counter-like pattern. The faster the beep, the closer or stronger the radar source.

Pulse Protection: If the optional Voice Module is connected, when a pulse type signal (instant-on strong signal) is detected, an urgent 3-second audio warning is sounded. Even without the Voice Module, the display will show "Pulse."

Laser Audio/Visual Alerts: When a laser signal is detected, the word "Laser" and signal strength is displayed. If the optional Voice Module is connected, an audio alert is continuous for a minimum of 3 seconds.

VG-2 Audio/Visual Alerts: When a VG-2 signal is detected, the detector "hides" its own radiated signal and becomes undetectable by the VG-2. A text message confirms detection of VG-2. Every 30 seconds, the detector checks for a VG-2 signal. If a VG-2 signal is still present, the unit continues to hide and repeats the VG-2 alert. If no signal is detected, two beeps are provided (if equipped with optional Voice Module), indicating an "all clear" condition.

Alarm LED: The supplied LED connects to the Aux output on the control panel. The LED flashes to indicate signal detection. The faster the flash rate, the stronger or closer the source.

Safety Warning System Text: In communities where transmitters are located, the Safety Warning System displays over 60 text messages.

Stay Alert Feature: If the optional Voice Module is connected, you can use the Stay Alert Feature to test your alertness. Within 30-60 seconds of turning this feature on, two beeps are sounded and the LCD backlight flashes. To show alertness, the driver must press either the B/L, City or Quiet button within 3-5 seconds. If the button is pressed within 3-5 seconds, the cycle is repeated. If a button is not pressed within 3-5 seconds, an alarm sounds and the display shows "Get Rest."

Temperature/Voltage Mode: The unit can be programmed to display either the outside temperature or battery voltage along with Highway/City modes. The Ice Warning Mode alerts you when the temperature drops to 32°F.

Alert Priority: When two or more signals are received at the same time, the alert priority is: Laser, VG-2, Speed Radar, and Safety Radar.

Communication Breakdown: If a problem arises between the control panel and the laser/radar antenna, the unit will give a unique audio tone (if equipped with optional Voice Module), and the backlight will go to full brightness.

Optional Wireless In-Helmet Display: The Cruisader incorporate a built-in wireless transmitter. This transmitter sends laser-radar information to the optional wireless in-helmet display. The receiver provides a flashing LED that is in your peripheral vision. The LED flashes when the unit receives a signal.


Laser-Radar Antenna: Whistler Cruisader Motorcycle detectorThe laser-radar antenna is water resistant and designed to be mounted on a motorcycle, snowmobile, etc. Because the optimal location for mounting the antenna varies by vehicle type, the hardware supplied is designed to offer a wide variety of mounting options. The antenna can be attached to the vehicle in a horizontal or vertical position, or at any angle between these two points. To mount the antenna, you can use the supplied reflector bracket, universal brackets, or self-adhesive dual lock fasteners. The dual lock fasteners can be used to mount the antenna to almost any flat surface in your vehicle. For vehicles that do not have sufficient clearance or access (about 5") to mount the antenna in a horizontal position, the reflector bracket should be used. The temperature probe should be mounted far enough away from the engine and radiator heat but still in the airflow for the vehicle.

Laser Antenna: This laser antenna has two uses depending on installation of the laser-radar antenna. The first is providing front laser detection when the laser-radar antenna installation does not allow for laser detection. The second is providing rear laser detection when the laser-radar antenna does allow for laser detection. The laser antenna can be mounted using the supplied dog bone bracket or self-adhesive foam pad.

Control Panel: The installation package provides at least three ways to mount the control panel to the vehicle. Using the "V" bracket alone will allow attachment to an existing bolt on the vehicle. Another is using the handlebar clamp in conjunction with the "V" bracket. The handle bar bracket is designed to be used on any 1 inch to 1-1/4" handlebar tubing. The next way is using the dog bone bracket instead of the "V" bracket.

Inputs and Outputs

Back Panel of Control Panel:

PWR: minijack stereo connector on a 37" lead that is used with the supplied power harness
Aux: minijack on a 37" lead that is used with the supplied alarm LED, or an optional audio module or Voice Module
Laser: minijack on a 37" lead that is used with the supplied laser antenna
Antenna: minijack on a 37" lead that is used with the supplied laser-radar antenna


Laser Wavelength: 905 ± 50 nanometers (nm)
Radar Frequencies:
10.500 - 10.550 GHz (X Band)
24.050 - 24.250 GHz (K Band)
33.400 - 36.000 GHz (Ka Superwideband)
Operating Temperature Range: -20° C to +80° C (-4° F to +176° F)


Control Panel: W=2.417", H=2.417", D=2.842"
Laser-Radar Antenna: W=3.068", H=1.223", D=2.985"
Laser Antenna: W=1.457", H=0.791", D=2.573"

What's Included

  • What’s in the Manufacturer’s Box?
    Console (control panel) with four attached 37" cables (cables are labeled Power/Aux/Laser and Antenna)
  • Laser-Radar antenna with attached 39" cable (has an attached 39" temperature probe lead)
  • Laser antenna with attached 39" cable (has a minijack stereo connector)
  • 44" Laser-Radar antenna power harness (has an in-line 2A fuse)
  • LED assembly with attached 2' cable (has a minijack stereo connector)
  • Reflector
  • In-dash bracket
  • Dog bone bracke
  • V bracket
  • Handlebar clamp
  • 4 Universal brackets
  • 2 Self-adhesive dual lock fasteners
  • 1 Self-adhesive foam pad
  • Six 6" cable ties
  • One 3.5" cable tie
  • One 5.75" mountable cable tie
  • Three 10 x 3/4" self-tapping screws
  • One 5/8" self-tapping screw
  • Five 4 x 8mm bolts
  • Four 4 x 6mm bolts
  • 4 Machine screws (each screw has one flat washer and
  • one lock washer)
  • 4 Hex nuts
  • 4 Lock washers
  • 1 Silica gel packet
  • Owner's Manual
  • Installation Instructions
  • Whistler Product Warranty Validation card

Shipping available to the following states: AL Alabama AK Alaska AS American Samoa AZ Arizona AR Arkansas CA CZ Canal Zone CO Colorado CT Connecticut DE Delaware DC District of Columbia FL Florida GA Georgia GU Guam HI Hawaii ID Idaho IL Illinois IN Indiana IA Iowa KS Kansas KY Kentucky LA Louisiana ME Maine MP Mariana Islands MD Maryland MA Massachusetts MI Michigan MN Minnesota MS Mississippi MO Missouri MT Montana NE Nebraska NV Nevada NH New Hampshire NJ New Jersey NM New Mexico NY New York NYC New York City NC North Carolina ND North Dakota OH Ohio OK Oklahoma OR Oregon PA Pennsylvania PR Puerto Rico RI Rhode Island SC South Carolina SD South Dakota TN Tennessee TX Texas UT Utah VT Vermont VI Virgin Islands VA Virginia WA Washington WV West Virginia WI Wisconsin WY Wyoming AP APO AE APO AA APO UK CD DE, CA CANADA, IL Israel, SA Germany, England UK, CANADA, IL Israel, New Zeland, Spain, Iceland, Brazil, Australia, Mexico, PL Poland, Singapore, Turkey Greece, North America, South America, Belgium, CL Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Denmark, Ethiopia, French, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong, Irelan, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, NZ New Zealand, Norway, Panama, Peru, PR Puerto Rico, Swaziland, Sweden, Uruguay , Venezuela, British Virgin Island, SA South Africa and more, pleae call if needed.

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