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Frequently Asked Questions
for Rocky Mountain Radar Products

Q: Are radar scramblers legal?

A: Rocky Mountain Radar's products comply with all FCC regulations. They are reflective receivers that leak no radio energy into the atmosphere. Rocky Mountain Radar scramblers are legal in all states except OK. MN. VA. CA. NE. and Washington,DC

Q: Over what range do scramblers operate?

A: Rocky Mountain Radar's scramblers disable Radar or Lidar guns up to three miles away from a squad car all the way down to the last 50 to 200 feet. At that point, the squad car will be within your sight and you can adjust your speed accordingly.

Q: How does a Scrambler differ from a detector?

A: A radar detector gives an audible warning in the presence of police radar but often alerts you too late to allow you to reduce speed. A radar scrambler gives no warning. It disables the radar/lidar to give the driver time to adjust speed if needed.

Q: What is the different between the PHAZER and the PHANTOM?
A: The PHAZER is only a jammer, since the PHAZER is not a detector therefore it will not notify the driver of any police traps, the PHAZER is originally design to work in a combination with a radar detector. The PHANTOM is a combination of the PHAZER and a radar detector build in one unite.

Q: How do I know they work?

A: Rocky Mountain Radar is the only scrambler manufacturer that routinely has its products tested by independent universities. We are the only company that backs its products with a full one year ticket rebate and a three year warranty. You get a ticket, we pay for it.

Q: Does it really work?

A: Here what radar experts say:
"From the body of test data taken during the road tests of Feb. 8, it is clear that use of these passive jammers does reduce the range of which police radar units can acquire and/or maintain lock (give consistent and accurate speed values of the vehicle) and that this jamming effectiveness can be measured."
Ron R Delyser, PhD - University of Denver

"Conclusion of laboratory tests is the jammer will indeed jam police traffic radar's at long range, allowing speeding drivers with radar detectors time to slow down before their speed can be detected."
J.S.H. - University of Northern Florida

"The Phazer is not a transmitter. What it does is take the signal transmitted by a radar, couples noise onto it and reflect on incoherent signal back to the radar. This renders the radar unable to display a speed reading. The radar is effectively disabled. The Phazer, then is a radar interference."
Michael Jeffries, Sr Electronics Technician, Nebraska State Patrol

Q: How does it work?

A: The Phazer is a passive radar jammer. It has an FM chirp (Doppler frequency shift) circuit, a mixer diode and a dual ridge wave guide antenna for all three radar bands - X, K, and Ka (superwide).

Radar: When the Phazer receives the radar signal, it mixes the signal with an FM chirp than reflects it back to the radar where the added chirp confuses the computer inside the radar gun.

The Phazer has a 2 to 3 mile range. Once a car is within 50 to 150 feet of the police radar, the radar has a chance of reading the speed. (100 feet is 1.13 seconds at 60 MPH). This is known as the "punch-thru" zone. Drivers should adjust their speed accordingly. Use of a radar detector is recommended to alert you to the presence of police radar.

Laser: The Phazer transmits a modulated infrared beam that confuses the computer in Lidar units up to the maximum range of the gun making your vehicle invisible to the laser gun.

The Phazer protects from the front only.

Q: How is this legal?

The Phazer conforms to all federal regulations. Part 15 of the FCC code regulates consumer products which may transmit or leak radio frequency energy into the atmosphere. Since the Phazer is not a transmitter, we can disregard the sections on transmitters.

The Phazer is a reflective receiver. It receives the police signal and reflects it back to the radar gun. Part 15 also controls the levels of radio frequency leakage from products designed to comply with this statute.

The Phazer has no radio frequency emissions.

The Phazer fully complies with part 15.

The Phazer is banned in MN, OK, CA, NE, and Washington DC.

There are no laws banning light emissions!

Our products are Brand-new with 30-days money back guarantee!

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Phazer, Phantom, radar & laser Jammer is the only one that comes with a Ticket Rebate Programe!



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