How to make your Car INVISIBLE to POLICE Radar and Laser Detection.

Rocky Mountain radar introduces a device guaranteed to make your car electronically "invisible" to speed traps-if you get a ticket while using the product, the manufacturer will pay your fine!

Radar & Laser ScramblerNO MORE SPEEDING TICKET !If your heart doesn't skip a beat when you drive past a speed trap-even if you aren't speeding don't bother reading this. I can't tell you how many times that has happened to me. Driving down the interstate with my cruise control set at eight miles over the limit, I catch a glimpse of a police car parked on the side of the road. My heart skips a beat and for some reason I look at my speedometer. After passed the trap, my eyes stay glued my rear view mirror, praying the police officer will pass me up for a "bigger fish." It seems that as speed-detection technology has gotten more and more advanced, speeding tickets have become virtually unavoidable. And although de­vices exist that enable motorists to detect these speed traps, they are outlawed in many states... including mine.

The PHAZER makes your car Invisible to POLICE radar and laser Detection !The solution. Today, Rocky Mountain Radar offers drivers like me a perfect solution-the Perfectly legal. Some radar devices have been Phazer. Combining a passive radar scrambler outlawed because they transmit scrambling with an passive laser scrambler, the Phazer makes your automobile electronically "invisible" to police speed-detecting equipment. The radar component works by mixing an X, K or Ka radar signal with an FM "chirp" and bouncing it back at the squad car by way of a waveguide antenna, effectively confusing the computer inside the radar gun. The laser component transmits an infrared beam that has the same effect on laser Lidar units.

Tihs is how the Radar Jammer workesPerfectly legal. Some radar devices have been outlawed because they transmit scrambling radar beams back to the waiting law enforcement vehicle. The Pazer, however, reflects a portion of the signal plus an added FM signal back to the police car. This, in effect, gives the waiting radar unit an electronic "lobotomy." Best of all, unless you are a resident of California, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Virginia or Washington D.C., using the Phazer is completely within your legal rights.

How to make your car disappear radar and laser scramblers are devices that foil speed traps by making vehicles electronically "invisible" to police radar. Radar scramblers mix a portion of the radar signal with background clutter and reflect it back to the squad car This technique, pioneered by Rocky Mountain Radar, creates an unreadable signal that confuses the computer inside the radar gun.

How it scrambles radar. Police radar takes five to 10 measurements of a vehicle's speed in about one second. The Phazer sends one signal that tells the. Radar the car is going 15 m.p.h. and another signal that the car is going 312 m.p.h. Because police radar can't verify the speed, it displays no speed at all.

Works with laser, too! The Phazer also protects your vehicle from Lidar guns that use the change in distance over time to detect a vehicle's speed. The Phazer uses light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to fire invisible infrared pulses through the windshield. Laser guns interpret those pulses as a false indication of the car's distance, blocking measurement of your speed.

Range up to three miles. The Phazer begins to scramble both radar and laser signals as far as miles away from the speed trap. Range of effectiveness extends to almost 100 feet away from the police car, at which point you should be able to make visual contact and reduce your speed accordingly.

Encourage responsible driving. While the Phazer is designed to help you (and me) avoid speed traps, it is intended to condone excessive speeding. For that reason, the first year, the manufacturer will pay tickets where the d limit was not exceeded by more 30%, or 15 miles per hour, whichever is less.

The PHANTOM makes your car Invisible to POLICE radar and laser Detection !Double protection from speed traps. If the Phazer sounds good, but you prefer to be notified when you are in range of a police radar, the Phantom is for you. The Phantom combines the Phazer (including the Ticket Rebate Program) with a radar detector. It's legal in every state except California, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Virginia and Washington, D.C. Ask your representative for more details!

30 Day Money Back GUARANTEE !!!Risk Free. Speed traps don't make my heart skip a beat anymore. The Phazer and Phantom are both backed by three-year manufacturer's warranty. Try them, and if you're not satisfied, return your purchase within 30 days for a refund.


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The Phazer makes your car invisible to police radar and lasers or the manufacturer will pay your speeding ticket!

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